Alisa Textile x Rumi Cosmetics: Experience the beauty of sustainability and clean living with a special collaboration

Alisa Textile x Rumi Cosmetics: Experience the beauty of sustainability and clean living with a special collaboration

Are you a conscious consumer who cares not only about creativity, but sustainability? If so, you are going to love the creative collaboration between Rumi Cosmetics and Alisa Textile!   

The beautiful women behind Rumi Cosmetics have created a unique and carefully curated special box for  50 of their loyal customers. Inside, you'll find a selection of five handpicked items from top-quality brands, each chosen for their sustainability and commitment to ethical business practices.   

Why are we talking about this? The box also includes an exclusive design from Alisa Textile called "Mind Garden," which you won't find anywhere else. This abstract illustration intertwines the delicate features of a woman with the vibrant petals of oversized peonies, symbolising the profound connection between a woman's mind and the natural world.  

Each choice of colour carries the weight of emotion, embodying the intricate bond between the woman's innermost thoughts and the untamed beauty of nature.

It speaks to the heart, whispering of dreams nurtured in the fertile soil of the mind and blossoming into kaleidoscopic realities.

By supporting this collaboration, you're getting more than unique products. You are making a meaningful step towards a more sustainable future. As you unwrap each treasure, you're choosing to support businesses that prioritize environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing.   

For Rumi Cosmetics' customers, this is a chance to explore the world of sustainable home decor and experience the beauty of organic cotton firsthand. And for Alisa Textile's audience, it's an opportunity to discover the luxury of clean beauty products and incorporate them into your daily routine.   

Rumi Cosmetics and Alisa Textile are committed to ethical practices and responsible sourcing, from clean ingredients to sustainable production processes. Every aspect of their operations reflects their dedication to doing good for the planet and its inhabitants.   

So, if you're excited about this new collaboration, head over to Rumi Cosmetics and sign up for their newsletter. You'll be the first to know when the box is available for purchase!   

Together, let's connect, inspire, and empower each other—and take a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.   

With love from Alisa.

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