About Alisa Textile

Alisa Textile is an independent home accessories brand specialising in creating sustainable and unique pieces of soft furnishings. 

Based on the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea coast, we have a passion for nature-inspired design and believe in the power of bright, beautiful colours. 

Alisa Textile's goal is to create unique home textiles without compromising quality and sustainability.

We believe in leaving the world a better (and prettier) place than we found it. 

Alisa Textile Home Decor. Designer home accessories.

Purpose & Mission

Living spaces have a direct impact on our subconscious and contribute to our emotions. Alisa Textile's purpose is to create home textiles that comfort and provide a positive emotional response. Our mission is to support you in establishing a healthy, creative, and stress-free environment. 

Design quality and material sustainability are at the forefront of everything we do. All designs are original artwork, manufactured with organic cotton, and printed with pigment inks. Each piece is cut and sewn by hand. Learn more about our manufacturer.

Interior textiles are a way to elevate your house to a warm, welcoming space.

Express your taste with Alisas' unique home accessories, transforming each room into a place that channels your inner creativity and joy. 

Alisa Textile Home Decor. Designer home accessories

A letter from Alisa

Ten years ago, I started creating patterns as an emotional outlet and creative alternative to my day-to-day projects that focus on corporate design. This new form of expression allowed me to work freely with bolder colour palettes. At first, the process was more like self-therapy, and outside gratification was never a priority. The main goal was to translate my emotions into colours and let the creations live a life of their own. With time the illustrations and patterns started reaching people worldwide. The response was heart-warming and gave me a new type of confidence.

The idea of creating Alisa Textile was born two years ago. At times it has been difficult to move forward with it. Different factors played a role in the process, but the person, who pushed me and supported me the most to bring this project to life, is my brother. I guess this makes Alisa Textile a family affair ;-) The moment we looked back and started connecting the dots, everything made sense - our grandparents and great-grandparents worked in the textile industry, so this new journey was always meant to be.

It is a leap of faith to start a label in times of lockdowns and recession. It is even riskier to design a launching collection so loud and not really follow commercial trends. Nonetheless, there is no "perfect moment" to begin building an inspiring environment that is meant to last. 

Alisa Textile is for people with strong personalities, who are not afraid of challenging themselves, for the individuals brave enough to create their own happy place. I am inspired to build a home decor brand that serves more than an aesthetic purpose. Alisa Textile strives to benefit the emotional state of the viewer. If our environment represents our inner world then it is time to stop trying to fit in monochromatic frames. 

Thank you for being here!

Alisa Textile Designer

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