Alisa Textile Autumn/Winter Colour Palette

Autumn-Winter 2022/23 Colour Palette by Alisa Textile

With September around the corner, it is not just our wardrobes that need adjusting and preparation for the new Autumn/Winter Season. As we adapt to spend more time indoors, our attention will focus again on our interiors. It feels like the right time to evaluate our emotional state and consider the need to tailor our spaces according to our current needs. 

Working on general well-being remains an objective for many of us, and discovering new, fulfilling forms of self-expression contributes to the process. Being in an explorative mood, we are getting to know and understand new facets of our personality. No longer subordinated to obsolete ideas about who we are and what our homes should look like, we are entering an experimentative phase and redefining our personal spaces. 

Nothing represents this process like the colour choices we make. It makes sense that more and more people are consciously incorporating colour in their homes. Having a deeper understanding of the connection between our palette choices and emotional state, we seek positive sensation and reassurance in challenging times. Initial response remains a key driver, and the right colour palette can provide a long-lasting, uplifting sense of comfort.

Alisa Textile's goal for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Season is to create a colour palette that nourishes the imagination. It encourages the spectator to find the freedom to dream and look into unconventional paths and ideas. We explore unique shade combinations embodying expression, unpredictability, and breaking the traditional order. Sophisticated and fun at the same time, we are letting you define the mood of your own space according to your needs. Our mission is to create home decor with a personality as unique as each individual.

Meet the Autumn/Winter 22/23 Palette

Beyond Blue Shade by Alisa Textile


Deep, saturated blues will be a significant part of this season's palette, representing the desire for small indulgent luxuries. This dark cyan-blue shade evokes a sense of mystery while feeling soothing for the eyes. It can be used as an accent or in large volumes for a dramatic effect. It also inherits many of the Primary Blue associations like peacefulness and reliability.


Early light blue shade by Alisa Textile


An airy, clean cyan-blue shade will breathe new life into any space. Soft and dreamy, this hue is both uplifting and soothing, creating a cosy, familiar feeling. It has the potential to be the new grey on the way toward colour choices with less emphasis on neutrals. It's timeless qualities can shine alongside warm hues to create an inviting, vintage look.


Golden Fields Shade by Alisa Textile


This earthy golden shade of yellow continues to complement the palette, adding a sense of warmth. It reminds us of the last days of summer and can be described as subdued sunshine- full of excitement and somewhat familiar. It is not overly bright or overpowering, making it a silent soother, perfect for larger rooms. 


Rose Petal Shade by Alisa Textile


A muted pink shade with raspberry undertones adds additional warmth and character to the space without it being overwhelming. It gives a sophisticated and contemporary touch to a room, evoking a sense of wellness.


Desert Sunset Shade by Alisa Textile


A light shade of red-orange completes the palette, playing perfectly into the theme of small luxuries and precious things coming from nature. Thow soft, it can create contrast and impact the space, invoking positive аssociations.


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