Decorating with Throw Pillows

Decorating with Throw Pillows

If home textiles are the design component that brings a living space together, throw pillows are without a doubt the cherry on top. Being a key home accessory, a throw pillow is the fastest and cheapest way to elevate your home decor and introduce a pop of colour and texture. Couches, sofas, tables - those last for years. Our beloved cushions can be changed often, according to season and current mood, allowing us to be bolder in expressing creativity in our homes.

There are no two opinions about it - throw pillows make a style statement and exude character. Patterns and textures are storytellers, especially if you go with designs that mean something to you. Cushions increase the aesthetic value of your living space. We do not need to do an extensive structural change every time we want to create a different vibe. Introducing a preferred theme through home textiles can influence the atmosphere and provide your home with a fresh new look. 


Throw Pillows bring comfort

Throw pillows are functional items beyond their aesthetic value. We gravitate towards rooms that feel comfortable, and cushions have the quality to evoke that response in us. People feel attracted to spaces, having textile pieces of joy in their interior. Those areas look less empty, and, on a deeper level, they feel like a place that can provide emotional comfort. (Think of all those times you held a pillow while being anxious or sad. Now imagine being in the same position with no pillows around… )

Our homes set the stage for so many meaningful moments in life, so it is crucial our interior provides a positive emotional response. 

How to pick throw pillows

First, think about the mood you want to create. 

    There is nothing wrong with going with current trends. However, we would advise you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself - what is the essential purpose of the environment you are (re)designing. After all, you are the person that will spend the most time in it, so it might as well be visually and emotionally tailored to your needs.

    If you have the answer to that question, it is time for step two - picking colour(s). Will throw pillows be the highlight in your room, or is there already an object that holds the visual value and focuses the attention? 

    Option one - you are staying in the middle of a neutral room, wondering how to introduce colour to it. Just think of the space as a blank canvas. This is the most uncomplicated space to work with since almost every design and colour scheme will look good. In this scenario, you will have a lot of room for experimenting creatively. 

    Option two - there might already be a piece of furniture in your room that sets the tone and brings colour. Consider complementing it with decor items that would not outshine it. Speaking of complementing home textiles, if your goal is to maximise the impact and influence of an existing colour, look at the Colour Wheel, and choose decor items in complementary shades. Read more about Colour Theory and Colour Psychology in this article.   

    Mix and match different patterns, proportions and shapes

    Placing different patterns next to each other entertains the eye and provokes the imagination. Just like telling a story, we have a leading hero and supporting roles that highlight the qualities of the main character. Mindful mixing and matching of patterns brings the best out of our home decor choices and delivers the right message. Be brave and experiment with different sizes. We wouldn’t recommend following any rules here. Go with your gut. Often, it is better if the "supporting character" is bigger in size, so the main pattern can have a solid background to lean on as it shines and captures the attention. Don’t forget that throw pillows don’t have to be a square or a rectangle. Why not try to throw a round cushion in the mix, and see how it corresponds with the lineup? 

    Underwater Magic Throw Pillow Set by Alisa Textile

    Arranging Throw Pillows

      You have done some amazing work - choosing the vibe, creating a colour scheme, and working with different patterns. Now, it is time for the last step (that, speaking from experience, will be taken multiple times).

      How to display your throw pillows, to get the most of their decor potential?

      If you are like us and dislike following rules, go with an asymmetrical approach for an arrangement that looks effortless. This works best with an odd number of cushions. Arrange sizeable throw pillows to the side, with smaller ones in front -  an excellent option for your living room. If we are talking about the bedroom (to be honest, we would choose the same type of display again), many people would like a neat symmetrical look. However, it does not imply, that this is a boring alternative. Leave the big sleeping pillows in the back, and let the more exciting throw pillows take the center stage. How about inserting some vivid, colourful prints in the mix? 


      A Nature-inspired Throw Pillow Collection by Alisa Textile

      Alisa Textile is an independent home textile brand focused on creating sustainable home textiles that provide a positive emotional response. Our launching collection is inspired by nature - floral patterns and ocean-themed designs. Those were authored very mindfully, and each design has a deeper meaning and purpose. 


      Our Mediterranean dreams throw pillow set will invite nature into your home, elevate the mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Bold brights and saturated solids will refocus your attention and raise energy levels. The colour palette is meant to spark your imagination, experience happiness and boost creativity.

      Mediterranean Dreams Throw Pillow Set by Alisa Textile


      The Underwater Magic throw pillow set, on the other hand, is a visual reminder that validates our ever-changing emotions and complex connections to our environment. Its soft lines bring an inviting atmosphere into being, and the vivid patterns will be the focal point in your living space. 

      Underwater Magic Throw Pillow Set by Alisa Textile

      Thank you for taking your time and reading this Alisa Textile article. 
      We hope you enjoyed it.


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