Achieving Organic Modern Style at Home

Achieving Organic Modern Style at Home

Hello Alisa Textile readers! I'm Wally Rashid, founder behind Woodland Pulse, an online retailer of modern plant pots & vases based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In this Guest Blog, I’ll be talking about organic modern style!

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Ever walked into a room and felt an immediate sense of peace? A serene vibe that’s hard to put your finger on, but you just know it's there. Chances are, you've experienced the magic of organic modern style. It's more than a design trend - it's about bringing nature indoors in the most stylish way possible.  

In this read, we're going to unpack how brands like Woodland Pulse are revolutionizing interior design by creating unique planters that go beyond aesthetics—they bring tranquility home too! Curious yet? Stay tuned! 

 Table of Contents:

  • Understanding Organic Modern Style
  • The Role of Plant Pots in Organic Modern Style
  • Organic Modern Style vs. Other Design Styles
  • Vibrant Colors For Organic Modern Style
  • The Importance of Lighting in Organic Modern Interior Design
  • Embracing Biophilic Interior Design with Woodland Pulse
  • FAQs in Relation to Organic Modern Style
  • Conclusion

    Understanding Organic Modern Style

    Organic modern style is a captivating fusion of natural beauty and contemporary design. It's the meeting point where clean lines, geometric forms, and an appreciation for nature collide.

    The Essence of Organic Modern Interior Design

    Organic modern interior design borrows heavily from Mother Nature. Its key features are inspired by shapes found in the great outdoors, with elements such as woodgrain textures bringing to mind images of forest landscapes or coastal cliffsides.

    This style also loves adding texture through sustainable textiles like woven baskets, emphasizing neutral tones that mirror those found in earthy environments. The result? A soothing sense of tranquility that can make any space feel more welcoming.

    Creating an Inviting Ambiance with Organic Modern Style

     Interior. Organic Modern Style


    A significant part of organic modern style lies in creating inviting ambiances using natural materials. By incorporating these into your living room or other spaces around your home, you'll get a feeling akin to stepping into a serene woodland pulse—a steady rhythm connecting us back to our roots. 

    Incorporating items like our Vision™ modern geometric planter not only adds visual appeal but also injects some essential functionality for indoor plants—think adequate drainage holes which keep them happy and healthy.

    Embrace nature with the captivating organic modern style. Think clean lines, earthy tones, and textures inspired by the great outdoors. It's more than decor - it's a soothing escape right in your home. #HomeDecor #EcoFriendly

    The Role of Plant Pots in Organic Modern Style

    Plant pots play a pivotal role in enhancing the organic modern style. With clean lines and natural materials, they blend effortlessly into this design style that values simplicity and connection to nature.

    The Beauty of Geometric Planters in Organic Modern Style

    Incorporating geometric planters like Vision™ from Woodland Pulse adds an element of sophistication to your decor. These unique planters offer more than just visual appeal; their key features include sufficient drainage holes and saucers, making them suitable for various interior styles.

    Woodland Pulse. Geometric Planters. Modern Planters

    Vision™ plant pots bring together modern elements with organic materials, emphasizing the aesthetic balance between form and function characteristic of the organic modern style. This makes them perfect additions to any living room or open concept space seeking that natural beauty touch.

    Bring nature indoors with organic modern style. Use Vision™ plant pots from Woodland Pulse for that perfect blend of sophistication and sustainability. They're not just pretty, they also subtly scent your home with calming cedar. #HomeDecor #OrganicModernStyle

    Organic Modern Style vs. Other Design Styles

    If you're asking, "What sets organic modern style apart from other design styles?" the answer lies in its unique blend of nature-inspired elements and clean lines. It's like a gust of invigorating air in your living space.

    Let's look at how this compares with other popular styles:

    • Rustic: While both celebrate the use of natural materials, rustic leans more towards rough-hewn textures and traditional craftsmanship whereas organic modern emphasizes sleek forms and sophistication.
    • Glam: Unlike glam which is all about opulence, sparkle, plush fabrics; Organic Modern takes a minimalist approach utilizing sustainable textiles for an earthy appeal.
    • Nautical or coastal: Though they share love for light tones, nautical incorporates maritime motifs while our focus remains firmly grounded in drawing inspiration from land-based flora & fauna.

    Elegant Touches That Make All The Difference

    Another key element of organic modern design style is the attention to detail. Every item has its purpose and place, creating a visual appeal that's simply unmatched.

    Geometric Pot. Organic Style

    For instance, take a look at our Disc™ Modern Plant Pot. The woodgrain texture it sports creates an inviting ambiance. It's the perfect blend of modern design and natural charm.

    Key Takeaway: 
    Moreover, the focus on detail in organic modern style highlights the charm of natural imperfections. It beautifully marries elegance and eco-friendliness, ensuring a serene yet stylish ambiance for your living space.

    Vibrant Colours For Organic Modern Style

    The color palette for organic modern style typically leans towards earth tones - think soft browns, greens, and greys - but there's always room for vibrant colors too! Whether it’s a splashy tropical foliage, flowers, or citrus, adding pops of color can invigorate your living spaces without compromising on tranquility.

    That’s exactly why we’re in love with Alisa Textile’s organic pillow cases! Made of real organic cotton, Alisa Textile’s pillow cases are hand-sewn, and use real pigment inks. Our favorite is the Pink Lemons Cushion Cover. It adds a beautiful tropical flair to any modern home.

    The Importance of Lighting in Organic Modern Interior Design

    Lighting is a key player in any interior design, but it takes on an even more pivotal role when we talk about organic modern style. It's not just about illuminating the space; it’s about enhancing natural materials and emphasizing clean lines to create an inviting ambiance.

    Organic Modern Interior Style Lighting 

    The Power of Spotlights

    Incorporating spotlights can make your indoor plants stand out, bringing life to every corner of your living room. The glow from these lights can also emphasize the woodgrain texture of your furniture pieces, amplifying their visual appeal and adding depth to your interiors.

    Natural Light: An Essential Ingredient

    No discussion around lighting would be complete without mentioning its most organic form - sunlight. Natural light plays into our biological need for connection with nature (biophilia), making spaces feel airy and open concept.

    To maximize daylight exposure while maintaining privacy, consider incorporating window treatments like woven baskets or sustainable textiles which allow soft filtered light into rooms while adding texture and cool design features unique to organic modern style. 

    Key Takeaway: 
    Lighting plays a vital role in organic modern design, not just illuminating spaces but enhancing natural materials and clean lines for an inviting atmosphere. Spotlights add depth to interiors by emphasizing indoor plants and wood textures. Sunlight fulfills our biophilic needs while window treatments maintain privacy without blocking light. Even the subtle scents from passive diffusers contribute to the ambiance, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond just sight.


    Embracing Biophilic Interior Design with Woodland Pulse

    You're about to unlock the secret of turning your home into a natural sanctuary. How, you ask? By incorporating biophilic interior design with Woodland Pulse's modern plant pots and other decor elements.

    Incorporating Biophilic Interior Design with Woodland Pulse Products

    Woodland Pulse. Modern Vase

    At its core, biophilic design is all about nurturing our innate love for nature by including natural materials in our living spaces. This could be anything from woven baskets to coffee tables made from sustainable textiles or even a simple indoor plant pot.

    A key part of this process involves using organic modern style pieces that seamlessly blend clean lines and natural beauty. The idea is not just to have plants in the room but rather create an inviting ambiance where they can thrive.

    Key Takeaway: 
    Unlock your home's potential as a natural sanctuary with biophilic interior design and Woodland Pulse's modern plant pots. This style embraces our love for nature by using organic materials, creating an inviting ambiance where plants can thrive. It's not just about aesthetics - it also promotes tranquility in your living space.

    FAQs in Relation to Organic Modern Style

    What is organic modern style?

    Organic modern style marries nature-inspired elements with contemporary design, using materials like wood and stone. It emphasizes sustainability, neutral tones, and a relaxed atmosphere.

    What is the difference between modern and organic modern?

    While both feature clean lines and simplicity, organic modern leans heavily on natural materials for warmth. Modern can be stark or minimalistic while organic adds a touch of nature.

    What is an organic modern living room?

    An organic modern living room blends comfortable furniture with earthy elements such as indoor plants or wooden accents to create an inviting space that feels close to nature.

    What's the difference between mid-century modern and organic modern?

    The two share similar minimalist principles but differ in their material use. Mid-century often uses man-made substances while Organic prefers raw textures from Mother Nature herself.


    Organic modern style is a game-changer. It's about merging nature with contemporary design, creating spaces that are tranquil yet stylish.

    We've dived into the essence of this design trend - how it champions sustainability and uses natural materials in neutral tones to build inviting spaces.

    If you're ready to transform your home into a serene oasis reflecting natural beauty while maintaining clean lines and sophistication – it’s time you embrace organic modern style!


    Thanks so much for reading! To learn more about Woodland Pulse, browse our website and give us a follow on Instagram

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