Underwater magic Throw Pillow Set by Alisa Textile

Hello, beautiful human. Welcome to Alisa Textile!

“Alisa” means “great happiness”. With the aspiration to help you invoke exactly this emotion we welcome you to AlisaTextile.com.

Our purpose is to create home textiles that comfort and provide a positive emotional response. 

We interact with the spaces we inhabit and they have a direct impact on our subconscious. Balance, proportion, symmetry and color are proven to contribute to our emotions and perceptions. When arranged mindfully they induce a sense of harmony and peace. 

Our mission is to support you in establishing a healthy, stress-free environment. 

Home textiles may seem like a small part of the interior design process and this is an assumption for many, that we’d like to challenge. We, at AlisaTextile, believe they have the ability to make an instant difference to the quality of our living space and are a key to elevating our house into a home. Our home textiles exude character and tell a story - one that is meant not only to please the eye, but also ease the mind of the viewer and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Never underestimate the power of a pillow

Alisa Textile’s first product is the classic throw pillow case. 
The theme of our first series is nature - floral patterns and ocean-themed designs. Those were created very mindfully and each design has a deeper meaning and purpose. 

Why? Because throw pillows have the power to transform any room by channeling one’s personal taste. 

How? Our brains are wired to appreciate and respond to patterns and assign emotion to design and decorative elements. Looking at a visually pleasing piece triggers some of the same responses as falling in love. 

The Mediterranean Dreams  throw pillow set will invite nature into your home, elevate the mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Bold brights and saturated solids will refocus your attention and raise your energy levels. The color palette is meant to spark your imagination, experience happiness and a boost of creativity. 

The Underwater Magic throw pillow set, on the other hand, is creating a visual reminder that validates our ever changing emotions and complex connections to our environment. Its soft lines bring an inviting atmosphere into being and the vivid patterns will be the focal point in your living space. 

There is more …

Creating a clean and nurturing living space is not just a matter of design quality, but also of material sustainability.
Our products are a result of our commitment to those two core values. We do believe in leaving the world a better (and prettier) place than we found it. Alisa Textile’s throw pillows are crafted from 100% Organic Cotton fabric. The technology used for printing is energy efficient, leaving no waste or byproducts that could not be further used. Made with ecologically friendly water-based dyes and biodegradable inks which are non-hazardous, toxin-free and certified with GOTS and the OEKO-TEX Eco Passport.


Thank you for being here! 
We would love to be a partner in your journey of creating a colorful, but still effortless and cohesive living space. A home.

Love, Alisa

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